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Science and Technology Roadmaps bridge technology foresight and technology planning by linking technology applications, potential technology advances and investment plans to realize the advances. Here is one view of the topics that a Science and Technology Roadmap should address and what one might look like.

Here are the topics addressed by a Science and Technology Roadmap. The numbered elements appear in the template below.

Elements of a Science and Technology Roadmap
1. Science and Technology Elements Make up and define the scope of the field.
2. Technology Applications Where and when the technologies will become innovations (be used) - the "whys."
3. Architecture How the elements fit together and interact.
4. Challenges Objectives and performance targets for technology elements - the "whats."
5. Trends and Discontinuities Performance and growth trends, experience curves, potential disruptions.
6. Driver Map Links Applications to Challenges to Architectural Elements
7. Technology Element Evolution The technology roadmap - the "hows."
8. Innovation Scorecards Describe technology element futures: Needs addressed, objectives,
capabilities, benefits, competing technologies, leverage points, timing.
9. Action Plan Technology strategy, resources and timing of investments in technologies - the "to-do's."
10. Intellectual Property and Standards Needs/barriers/actions to gain access, protect, influence.
11. Technology Investment Map Priorities of technology investments
12. Risk Roadmap Key indicators of risks to plans. Track for need to change.

The Roadmap Template
A roadmap includes four major sections: Definition and Scope ("know-why"), Research Direction ("know-what"), the Technology Roadmap ("know-how"), and a Summary and Action Plan ("to-do"). The sections are linked by application drivers, technology challenges, and investment priorities. A roadmap may be developed from applications and needs (application "pull") or from technology advances (technology "push").