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Visualizing Strategic and Technology Roadmaps

Visually communicating your Strategic and Technology Roadmap is an important part of telling your strategy story. Visualizing your plans can help communicate a complex and evolving plan to your audience, pointing them to the key factors and decisions that will make your plan a success.

We have found two key visualizations create a sound foundation for a strategic or technology roadmap:

  • The time-based Roadmap shows the evolution of technologies that will achieve your objectives over time. There are almost as many formats for roadmaps as there are roadmappers, but nearly all roadmaps include a time-based graph that describes how technology, product, markets, etc. are expected to evolve over time. Sometimes the roadmap includes progress milestones in performance or features. Some roadmaps include linkages to show how the elements of the roadmap are driven by strategy, customer needs, or technology innovations.
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  • Product-Technology Roadmap

  • A Driver Map that shows the connections from customer or application drivers (the important customer or application needs) through the product, capability drivers, or key challenges (key features or performance measures) to technologies and capabilities.
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Driver Map

In the course of developing roadmaps with teams in multiple industries over the past few years, we have created the tools of Roadmapper's Workbench™ to help roadmap developers. is an easy to use, lightweight tool for Roadmap capture, documentation and visualization. Learn more about how Roadmapper's Workbench™ works and download it to use as you develop your roadmaps here. More on Roadmapper's Workbench™

Roadmapper's Workbench™ is available for your use. Register and download here.