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Service organizations can use roadmapping to plan their future, making sure they have the technology capabilities and skills that their customers will need in the future.  Capability roadmapping can be used for internal service organizations, such as manufacturing or information technology groups; or it may be used by organizations that provide their services as a business, such as consulting firms or maintenance or repair providers.  The roadmapping process identifies critical customer needs and the capabilities, technologies, and skills that will meet those needs.  The roadmapping process also helps a planning team set a strategic approach in a future oriented competitive context. The roadmapping process identifies gaps in meeting customers’ needs, and helps define plans to fill the gaps.  The roadmap connects and balances the drivers of customer needs (“customer pull”) and technology innovation (“technology push”).

A capability roadmap covers eleven topics, as outlined in the table

capability_topics (8K)

A template for a capability roadmap follows a common roadmapping framework, emphasizing strategic direction, an architecture for providing services, a roadmap for capabilities and technologies, and action plans to acquire or develop the key technologies or capabilities.

capability_template (16K)