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Roadmaps and Roadmapping

Roadmaps link strategy to future actions. As an essential part of strategy development, they incorporate the strategy, product evolution, and plans for technologies and capabilities to be in place at the right time. Just as a roadmap enables a traveler to decide among alternative routes to reach a destination, Roadmapping enables a team to plan and execute a path to achieve objectives. More on Roadmapping...

Roadmap Visualization
With Roadmapper's Workbench™

A visual roadmap communicates your strategy story, describing your plan in a way that lets your audience see the big picture along with the details. You and your roadmapping team can see your plan as you create it, helping you identify gaps and potential improvements and alternatives.

Based on extensive work with roadmapping teams, we have developed a simple software tool that helps you create and visualize technology roadmaps and driver maps that look good, are flexible, and that can be maintained to keep your roadmap a living document.

You may download Roadmapper's Workbench™ beta version (now version 4.3) for your use in developing your own roadmaps.

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Download Roadmapper's Workbench™

Technology Futures

Beyond the time scale of Roadmaps -- usually a few product cycles -- the capability to plan and direct technology investments is dramatically improved by characterizing trends of enabling technologies and identifying potentially significant and disruptive innovations. More on Technology Futures...


With a view of the future based on identified trends and needs, strategies for technology enabled markets are based on solid intelligence and analyses. More on Strategy Development.

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